Before & After Questionnaire: Tiara’s Before

Wedding planning has gotten really real for me in the last couple of weeks.  Early in planning I spent a lot of time saying, “our wedding is easy!” and “we’re so laid back, so whatever!”

Real talk – I’ve sent at least 8 panicked emails to our wedding planner at The Cosmopolitan just this week.  “What if I hate my flowers?” “When will we talk to the minister?” “Can you change the cake design?” Luckily she’s in a similar place – she’s getting married 4 days after us, so she handles all of my panic with amazing levels of grace and confidence. “Tiara, I’ve spoken with the florist and we are both enamored with your ideas and confident that they will be executed flawlessly.”


Stressed image via this site

I will say that as panicked as I’ve felt in the last couple of weeks, I am so excited about the entire event.  We’re getting married and it’s going to be hugely amazing.

I’m also waiting on engagement photos to hit my inbox to show you, and a few other blog topics to come to fruition, so following in Ms. Dove’s footsteps, here’s our “before the wedding” responses!

What’s your biggest priority for the wedding?

Getting married.  By that I mean having a ceremony that resonates with who we are as individuals as well as in our relationship.  We are not religious, nor traditional.  So, our ceremony will be personal (similar in context to Mrs. Narwhal’s ceremony).  We’re also getting married on my parent’s anniversary.  This is hugely important to me because my parents don’t have one single photo of their wedding day.  I highly doubt either of them know what Weddingbee even is, but just in case, I’m not divulging the surprises we have in store for them here – but there WILL be photos.  Finally.

What’s your biggest concern for the day?

Logistics.  Since the wedding is in Vegas, and we’re not just having a ceremony and dinner in one place, I’m sweating the ‘how-to’s’ and ‘how-much’ of everything.  The ceremony will be flawless, but the cocktail hour has potential to be a mess, and the post dinner excursions could be disastrous.  Transportation, getting things paid for beforehand, and making sure we’re all carefree that day has me a little stressed.

What DIY project do you care about the most?

Our welcome bags.  They’re mostly a surprise for our guests, and they’re woefully under prepared at the moment.

What’s your worst wedding-related nightmare?

I haven’t had actual wedding related nightmares, but I keep dreaming that I’ve lost my car.  As in drove it somewhere, but can’t remember where to or how to find it.

If I think about things that could go wrong at the wedding, I think my biggest concern is getting a tuxedo for Mr. PC (we’re renting it in Vegas), and procuring our marriage license.

Do you think you’re going to eat?

Oh absolutely!  Most definitely.  In fact, I’ll over eat.  I’ll share details of our dinner plans in a later post.

What picture do you think you have to have?

Iconic, cliche Vegas photos.

What are you looking forward to the most?


Mr. PC is a funny, witty guy… But he has these beautiful moments where he looks at me and has that melty, mushy “I love you the most” look.  That’s what I can’t wait to see on our wedding day.

What do you think your guests will enjoy the most?

Our post-ceremony activities!  Dinner, and what comes after!

What do you plan on doing after the wedding?

Immediately following the ceremony we’ll have cocktails, dinner, and a fun adventure on The Strip.  We’ll be in Vegas for a couple of days after the wedding, so we have some fun outings planned!

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Just Add Glitter

I love glitter.  A lot.

I don’t love that it gets all over the place, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that my world will forever be filled with a little bit of sparkle.

I also really love pretty paper projects.  Like invites, and programs, and menus, and the list goes on.

Even though our guest count is quite small, and invitations aren’t particularly necessary, I decided to make them happen if for no reason other than to indulge my own predilection for pretty paper.

This is a DIY project that went down like so…

  • I started with this template.
  • Downloaded these fonts: Hello Script and Poor Weekdays Serif
  • Added the text
  • Sent the files to print & cut (via Kinkos on 110lb cardstock)
  • Rounded the corners
  • Ran a line of glitter glue along the outline of the shape
  • Covered the invite in 3 colors of glitter!
  • Adhered two sheets together (the striped page + a champagne shimmer page)
  • Stuffed the 5 invites in envelopes (4 for family, 1 for the hive)
  • Tied a bow

All photos are personal.


This is the evidence of the glitter stations.  Why 3 colors of similar glitter?  No reason.  I just felt like it.


This is the invite before the glitter enhancements!

And here is the finished look..


This is basically a double bow.  It looks fancy, but is easy to do.


And voila!

I really like how the glitter gives it the Vegas flair, while the overall look keeps an edge of class and glamour.

If I could pour my brain out onto a piece of paper, I would imagine that it would look a lot like this.

What isn’t pictured is the back of the invite – I adhered the front to a sheet of cardstock that is identical to the envelope.

I’m really pretty jazzed with how they turned out!  For being a completely not-necessary item on the list, they were super affordable ($7 template, $5 for cardstock & envelopes, ~$5 to print).  I’m using the template for other projects as well as the paper and envelopes, so the cost breakdown will be in the neighborhood of $1 per invite, I think.

Also, holy wedding countdown!!  It’s crunch time!





Transcendent Friendship

I’ve never been particularly adept at making and keeping friends.  I have a direct, hard to love personality.  Couple that with extreme introversion and you have someone who loves deeply, but is brutally honest and probably won’t come to your birthday parties.

So, when I met my best friend, I remember thinking, “Wow, she’s way different from me.  This should be interesting.”  We fell into a friendship love just like many of us fall in love with our spouses – slow at first, and then all at once.

I’ve shown you her wedding.  It was during the five crazy pants weeks of wedding planning that she and I learned that while we’re distinctly different, our respect and adoration for one another is of an epic level.  We have what I consider to be a transcendent friendship.

Through the years, she’s watched my life evolve.  From celebrating my academic achievements to dusting me off when my failures seemed insurmountable, she has been the person I’ve leaned on for the majority of my adult years.  I give her credit for teaching me how to love myself, and how to feel love from others.

To celebrate her, and our friendship, I asked Mrs. Camera to hand letter a card for her (we both really, really love pretty papery things)!  As I explained our friendship to Mrs. Camera, it became pretty obvious that there was no question that needed asking – this was an appointment.

All photos are personal.


BFF D is a pretty pink princess, so Mrs. Camera NAILED this project.  As D opened the gift, she first saw the envelope for the card and with a completely amazed face she said, “how did you get it to look like this?”  … That moment of splendor is exactly what I had in mind.  Mrs. Camera even lined the bottom of the envelope with gold glitter washi tape.  So, so beautiful!!


BFF D has given me some of my most cherished trinkets, so I wanted to get a few purposeful items to gift her.  First, matching best friends glasses – if we remember to pack them, we’ll use them all over Vegas!  D has a big thing for lip gloss, so I also got her a Jeffree Star velour liquid lip stick in “prom night”.  Lastly, a little wedding themed travel pouch.


To say the card and carefully procured trinkets were well received would be an understatement.

Having D there for this day is everything!



Guest List Controversy

When Mr. PC and I got engaged, we knew we wanted a small, easy wedding.  Our lives are busy and challenging and adding in a production of a wedding was the last thing we thought sounded like fun.

Initially, we wanted to get married at home so that some of our most valuable people could be there.

As those plans unfolded, the guest list continued to grow.  Substantially.  What was initially a wedding of ~40 people was becoming a wedding with 100+ people on the horizon.  Mr. PC and I both started cringing at the idea.

So, we tabled it all – no wedding until we knew what would truly work for us.

Mr. PC was about a month into a new job when he proposed, so that was a good excuse to say, “We’re waiting to see what kind of vacation Mr. PC will have before we make too many decisions.”  But we could only pull that off for a few months.

Eventually we came full circle – elope in Vegas.

The original plan included 4 people – the two of us, and my best friend and her husband.

As weddings tend to do, our guest list evolved a little.  We invited Mr. PC’s grandparents who we are incredibly close to.  They are two of the greatest people we know.  They’ve always been a significant part of Mr. PC’s life, and I’m proud and honored that they have embraced me as one of their own.

When we figured out Mr. PC’s schedule, we decided to get married in February on my parent’s anniversary.  This was when Mr. PC and I decided to invite our parents as well.

So our guest list is small – in fact, it’s 7 people.  My BFF’s husband isn’t able to make the trip.

We’ve received some good and bad feedback about our decisions.  Some family members are hurt – we didn’t give them the option to attend.  Some friends were confused – they weren’t invited either.

Mr. PC and I are very quiet, introverted people.  So, having a guest list made up of our very closest people made the most sense to us, and we haven’t apologized along the way.  Could we have communicated our decisions better?  Absolutely.  Does that mean we are sorry we made the choices we did?  Not even a little.

As we count down the days until our wedding, we are more and more excited about the event and beginning our adventure together!


Marriage > Wedding

Taking a pause from wedding planning posts to talk about the reason for the occasion: Marriage.

Marriage in its most basic form is a contract.  It’s a courthouse fire away from being something that lacks undeniable proof.  Until modern times, marriage was a bartering system – a way to trade offspring for prosperity and vice versa.  A status symbol.  Marriage was a way to continue populating a sparsely populated place.  Marriage was a lot of things, but marriage for love and desire of a human to partner with sexually is a more modern concept – meaning, in the latest century many people are able to select a partner on their own free will based on a list of requirements they generate themselves rather than entering a marriage out of duty.

Of course, I’m generalizing here, so this doesn’t apply to countries where women are still property – I can’t begin to speculate about that way of life.

Marriage out of love, respect, and desire is a relatively new concept considering how long the human race has yearned for companionship.  I’d argue that marriages of consequence could evolve to love and respect, but in earlier eras, marriage was a contract that led to meeting some goal – population, political triumph, meshing of bloodlines, bartering, etc.

The internet allows us to have conversations today that are more about weddings than marriages – rings, colors, dresses, guest lists, and so on.  Let’s be real here.. You’re reading this on a wedding blog where we talk about what we’re planning for our wedding – the very first day of our marriage.  We zero in on aspects of the day that we feel are worth sharing – how we made decisions, what our attire will look like, what colors bring the event to life, who will attend, and so on.

It’s a natural thing for us to celebrate the bridging of lives to result in a commitment of lifelong companionship.

So aside from the celebratory to-do and the sheet of paper that signifies a commitment to one another, you’re left with this intangible concept of hanging out with a partner for as long as the two of you can manage, ideally for life.

As you plan a wedding and do all the things to create a life with this person,  consider that arguments over colors and themes are indicative that your personal tastes are different – expect conflict when picking paint colors for the walls of your home.  This is just one example, but wedding planning has a way of showing couples what their relationship is really like.

Again, more generalizing – this won’t be true for everyone.

Wedding planning has been really simple for Mr. Prince Charming and me.  In general, we make decisions quickly.  If we both like something, that’s what we go with.  I think our relationship is a lot like this – we like what we like and don’t look back.  We tackle problems together, and make decisions based on what’s best for the household, not just for one party.  We have hiccups along the way, but by and large we’re on the same page.

I’m confident in our relationship, and I’m confident that our getting married will only improve our lives here forward.  Despite the financial perks of getting married, I do believe that marriage for Mr. PC and me is a building block that solidifies our connection.  Marriage isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for us.

I’ll throw in that we’ve invested far more effort into the building of our relationship than we have in planning our wedding.  Some of my posts are brief or boring, but we’re a decisive couple who isn’t DIYing their way to the alter.

Because blocks of text are boring, here’s a picture of us..


Image via Selah Vida Photography

Isn’t Mr. PC adorable?  I just love him!