And it was Everything.. Getting to Las Vegas


The days leading up to our departure for Las Vegas went by so quickly.  From wrapping up work projects to remembering all the little wedding items I needed to pack, my brain was at max capacity.

There were a few important to-do items, though – packing my dress, getting my nails done, and getting on that plane!!

Many of these photos are remnants of my snapchat story, so I hope you like snaps!

I had my nails done at a salon close to home.  The popularity and resilience of shellac allows for the modern bride to go to her fave salon days in advance of her wedding to knock out that to-do list item.  Brad said, “So you’ll need to redo them the day of the wedding, right?  There’s no way your polish will last that long!”  Surprise, my dear!  Shellac for the win!!

Also, let’s be real – I’m showing you my nails because I love them so much. They really aren’t important aside from making me really happy (and these are my own nails – it’s one of the few genetic lotteries I won).



Later that night, I decided to pack my dress.  I packed my dress as late as my anxiety would let me.  I wanted to make sure it would make it there unscathed, and with as few semi-permanent wrinkles as possible.


What was a giant poof ball of a dress was later turned into this pillow-shaped, saran-wrapped rectangle-ish ball that fit perfectly into my carry-on.


Yes, I saran wrapped my dress.  My thought was this was a direct flight to Las Vegas and the chances of me being the only bride were fairly slim, so I wasn’t hopeful that there would be room in the plane’s coat closet for my dress.  Secondly, I wanted a safe, easy way to transport her without feeling encumbered by the size and weight of her.  I felt a little silly and a lot over the top wrapping her up, but as it turns out, it was a brilliant move!  I took the hanger and dress bag along so once we arrived at The Cosmopolitan, I unpacked her and she was ready to go!

The rest of my life, though, that was so much more difficult to pack.


This picture emulates the state of my affairs until about 15 minutes before we left for the airport.  For two days I just couldn’t get my poop in a group enough to get it all in my suitcase.

And when we got to Vegas, it showed.  I had one pair of pants, 7 dresses for 2 nights of shows (WHY Kari?!), 5 pairs of shoes – super casual Birkenstock sandals and 4 pairs of heels, but I didn’t forget a single wedding related item!  So, you know where my priorities were..  #bridebrain

So with my poorly packed suitcases full of party attire and wedding thingamabobs, we headed to the airport.

Brad and I took a selfie on the plane to mark the occasion..


Unrelated: he prefers the window seat and I prefer the aisle seat, so major travel win!


This snap overlay (filter?) was perfect (10 useless points if you remember why)!

While Brad snoozed and looked at the mountains, I put together our welcome boxes.  I’d considered shipping them to Ashley to assemble, but with our crew all staying in separate hotels, I opted to assemble them on the plane to distribute as we exited the airport.


Once we landed, I handed off the welcome boxes, and our crew left for our hotels..

The welcome boxes were very well received – we had one guest who was ill when we arrived, and the welcome box contents kept them going until they recovered!

Now, the fun begins!!


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