And it was Everything..Getting things done!

Once we made it to Las Vegas, we had a few  immediate to-do list items to manage.

My mom needed a dress to wear, so we planned to rent her dress from Rent the Runway, and I promised to go along with her.  After that Brad and I had to get our marriage license!  We arrived on Valentine’s Day, so Brad and I set aside some time for an evening date as well.

I’ll share the details of my mom’s rental experience in another post.

So, marriage license details!

Part of our wedding contract with the Cosmopolitan was a trip to and from the courthouse in a limo to obtain our marriage license.  This was a really nice treat!  It was simple to book the limo, and having the transportation available to us was really great.  It’s about a 25 minute ride away from the strip.  Not being stressed about the legal portion of the trip was a major bonus for us.  Heads up – if you’re getting married in Las Vegas, you’ll save yourself some time if you fill out the info on the Clark County Clerk’s website.  We bypassed several other couples in line because we filled out the online form.  We were in the courthouse for no more than 10 minutes. 



Yes, this blurry pic is the best of the bunch.  Brad tolerated my selfie insistence for about three seconds before he stopped cooperating.  He obviously doesn’t read wedding blogs because he had no idea why I wanted to take a picture with our blank marriage license.


That night we went to dinner at Rao’s at Caesar’s Palace for our Valentine’s Day date.  It was good, and quiet (could be that we got there at 5 PM – we’re basically senior citizens).  We also walked all over Vegas looking for my spray tan place.  We later realized walking was probably not the safest option, so we caught an Uber on the way back to the strip. By the way, my spray tan was perfect.

We made it back up to our room to enjoy this view (photo cred to Brad who took this panorama from our terrace).


Monday’s view was similar, except with a mountain view…


I’m still fawning over that view.  Brad and I spent quite a bit of time on our terrace basking in the beauty.  We are from Kansas, after all.  We don’t have mountains or really anything fun to look at unless you like wheat fields and cows.

Monday’s to-do list began with our rehearsal with Ashley.  This was the first time we saw where we would be getting married.  Brad was instantly enamored.  Maybe even a little shell shocked.  He knew this was happening, but seeing it made it so real.  The wedding suite at the Cosmopolitan is insanely beautiful.

Next we had to tackle renting Brad’s tuxedo.  The tux rental experience was the only negative experience we encountered during our wedding adventure.


Brad and I took the cab ride of our lives to the tuxedo place – and by “ride of our lives” I mean we nearly rear ended a large moving truck because our driver wasn’t paying attention.

We were told that we would have a selection of tuxedos at this place and this is why we chose it because Brad decided on wearing a gray tux.  But nope.  They had one style of tuxedo – black, two button.  In fact, his tuxedo was so generic we probably could’ve saved the money and had him wear his suit instead.  Additionally, the tuxedo’s dye rubbed off on my dress!!  More on that later.

That evening we welcomed my best friend, Danielle, to Las Vegas!

True to Danielle form, she arrived with gifts in tow – one of which was a selfie stick!


Danielle and I have a deep love for one another, and I can’t wait to share her toast with you in a later post.  It was the most beautiful toast in history.


In addition to the selfie stick, Danielle gifted us these beautiful champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne – 2004 Vueve Clicquot Brut Rose.  We wrote the date on the cork and celebrated our last evening as an engaged couple!

Next up – the wedding day!!  Mission one – get prett(ier).

Everything previously shared…

We Get to Las Vegas!






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