And it was Everything.. We Steal a Moment

Brad and I opted out of having a first look.

We both loved the idea of a first look, but it seemed almost superfluous to my groom who had already seen my dress and knew we had an already packed timeline to keep up with.

On our wedding day, though, I needed a second with my man.

Brad is my comfort zone.  His voice is the calm to my storm.  Being around him is where I feel safest.

I checked with Ashley – how were we doing on time?  She reminded me that time didn’t matter – the wedding waits for the bride.  So, I asked her to bring my almost-husband to me.

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Brad kept his eyes closed, and I grabbed his hand.


And being there with my minutes-away-from-marrying-me-almost-husband, I melted into a giddy happiness.


These might be my absolute favorite photos.  But I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!

I’m glad I had a rushed request to bring Brad to me because that moment was the last moment we had together where it was just us until many hours later.  Our introverted hearts needed that moment of quiet.

Brad headed back to his place next to the minister, and Danielle and I prepared to do our walk!

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